Radical Listening with Lawrence English

Yesterday, I had the pleasure of attending “Radical Listening”, a workshop on field recording presented by Lawrence English. After an engaging discussion on the “agency of listening”, approaches to field recording, a rig rundown from the previous night’s performance, a brief history of field recording, and a fair dose of nerdy gear talk, the group, led by English, ventured into the wilderness of Queens, NY. English had scoped out a two locations of interest on a previous day’s outing where a chorus of starling sang from the trees, the industrial sounds of bridges clattered, and planes from nearby Laguardia Airport flew overhead. Each a discreet sound co-mingling in the sonic terrain of the Maspeth area.

Into whispering pines

Introducing my newest work “Into whispering pines”.

A score to old home movies. a contemplation of memory. like sound and music – a temporal experience. in their original state, these home movies are silent. No sound, just the remembrance of childhood and family vacation. The score for each is an invitation to participate in the time between then and now, past and present.