Steve Ashby is a classically trained musician, artist, and teacher. Receiving his masters degree in music from Virginia Commonwealth University in 2005, he has been teaching as part of the VCU Music faculty ever since. Over the past several years, he has turned his creative output towards composing in the ambient, drone, sound art vein with the self-released albums to date, Winter Birds (2016), and Crackles and Codes (2015) among other singles and experiments.

Steve Ashby is a Richmond, VA based musician, composer, and sound artist. Building on his background as a classical guitarist, Ashby builds textures around sound found in the natural, and digital world, discovering the places where they intersect, and amplifying those attributes. Ashby’s work is a combination of field recordings, manipulated sound, and composed elements. With a growing interest towards sound ecology, Ashby looks for rhythms, melodies, and textures found in his surroundings to inform the direction of his work.