the study bay

a place set aside for contemplation, repose, pause. an area for discovering the connection of space and time through extended listening. study bay is a sound installation investigating the Japanese aesthetic of ma (pause, space, emptiness) and it relationship with the practice of deep listening. Across a six channel array, study bay is a generative […]

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Duet is a sound installation investigating the Japanese aesthetic of ma as a centralizing concept of the composition of spatialized sound. Presented in the 32-channel speaker array of the University of Limerick’s SpADE (Spatialization and Audio Display Environment) lab, Duet elaborates on ma’s intention towards the sounding of emptiness as a space between things. Ma […]

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Into whispering pines

Introducing my newest work “Into whispering pines”. A score to old home movies. a contemplation of memory. like sound and music – a temporal experience. in their original state, these home movies are silent. No sound, just the remembrance of childhood and family vacation. The score for each is an invitation to participate in the […]

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silence and noise

Above ground. Below sea level. We humans make a lot of noise. Building an incessant distraction in the name of progress. Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for the developments of technology. I use it everyday in the music I make, and am fascinated by it. But not being aware of the damage that may accrue […]

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music is flesh and bone

Over this past weekend, I had the pleasure of attending Moogfest in Durham, NC. One of the highlights for me were the performances and talks given by Daniel Lanois. The through line connecting each, was an emphasis on listening, and communicating with the musicians he played with. What he referred to as an “acoustic proximity”. Performing, […]

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creating sound art

In the creation of a sound piece, I’m looking for an imaginative use of the raw material, the chosen sound sources, or prescribed themes at work. This involves hearing the inherent rhythms, textures, melodies within a sound, and then listening even closer to hear the sounds within the sound. That’s where creative intuition takes over […]

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