silence and noise

Above ground. Below sea level. We humans make a lot of noise. Building an incessant distraction in the name of progress. Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for the developments of technology. I use it everyday in the music I make, and am fascinated by it. But not being aware of the damage that may accrue is irresponsible. Turn off the deaf ear and be aware of the sound you make, we make, and it’s aural affects. Sound is perceived vibration. It alerts us to approaching danger. It dances with celebration, and joy. Tune in those amazing filters we call ears to what the world sounds like beyond your personal bubble, and how it defines your space in time.

A Plan to Give Whales and Other Ocean Life Some Peace and Quiet

The Mating Song Of The Last Kauai ‘O’o Bird On Earth Is Haunting

Beached whale in Outer Banks

The Aesthetics of Silence


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